Colour accurate industry standard GMG proofs

Noun: proof - A trial impression ... used for making corrections before final printing.

Our super-friendly, knowledgeable team of experts are ready to help! As one of the first UK companies to champion the multi award winning GMG software and with years of reliably working for creative businesses across London, we provide amazing colour accurate prints.

Our proofs are just perfect for showing your design intention and are produced to industry standard profiles so your end printer can match to an achievable colour target.

A proof from amber&green simulates the packaging on the tin, carton, pot, tube, magazine or anything else you want. We also offer a mounting service for your presentations.

Here's the proof...

We're able to match 98% of Pantone colours and also print white. With stunning detail definition and the reassurance of Fogra Certification, our proofs are perfect for flexible packaging, print, mock-ups and presentation.

We print onto gloss, semi-matt and matt proofing paper and also onto clear and metallic film. A cost effective solution for making your critical design decisions and gaining client approval.

Frequently asked questions

Can you match Pantone Colours? Print white? Simulate overprints? Yes yes yes and much more

Delivery and packaging

An environmentally friendly cycle courier will deliver your proofs in recycled cardboard tubes or flat envelopes. We're very quick, offering a 4-hour turn around time within normal working hours

amber&green 'go faster' service

Working to a tight deadline? 'Go faster' is the solution for your emergencies

Sizes and pricing

We can print most sizes, for specific requirements and costs please call or email. Discounts available for immediate payment or our standard 30-day terms apply

Recycling commitment

Green is in our name and also in our nature, we are part of the Epson recycling scheme